For restaurants and delivery services looking for a solution to the problems of receiving orders on tablets...

One device to replace them all.


Cellular connectivity means true plug & play.


Prints on paper at any type of food operation.


Over 1 million orders printed around the world.


Control order flow to your printer or fleet of printers.


We are not fans of complicated pricing so we made it very simple....


$1 / day

  • $200 one-time setup fee
  • Unlimited online ordering partners
  • Unlimited order printing
  • Printer management app
  • 24/7/356 support
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Delivery services

$1 / day

  • $100 one-time setup fee *
  • Simple API integration
  • Unlimited order printing
  • Access to realtime dashboard
  • 24/7/356 support
  • * If you use 3rd party software to manage your RDS, please contact that vendor for pricing.
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