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Getting your customers' orders into the hands of the restaurant is hard. We make it easy.

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Integrate with your client restaurants' workflow.

Delivering orders on tablets, faxes and phone calls requires training and manpower. Our cellular thermal printers can be placed anywhere and require no training.

          1  {
          2    "id": "1024",
          3    "body": "One large pizza",
          4    "status_url": "",
          5    "status_url_method": "PUT",
          6    "expire_seconds": 300,
          7    "double_print": false
          8  }
Easy development

Easily integrate with our standard REST API.

Get up and running in no time with our docs and development environment. Passviely consume realtime status updates for your tickets.

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Our dashboard shows you what's going on.

Watch in realtime as your orders are printed and view historical data about restaurant efficiency.
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